Every adult wants to make his or her partner fill satisfied during sex. As a result, adults will always be in a search for the best sex positions that will make each of them feel fully sexually satisfied. Different entry angles have been devised to help partners find sexual happiness. This article will cover some different sex positions that are great for keeping it interesting in the bedroom.

Cowgirl’s style: the woman kneels on her man’s top, pushing his chest. At the same time, she is sliding downwards then up the man’s thighs. As a woman, you can consider relieving some of your weight from your man’s pelvis. This can be done by leaning your body back.

The claw: it is one of the standing styles. The woman wraps her legs around her man’s torso. The man will place his hands beneath her butt; lift her up and down continuously. At the same time, he will be thrusting himself into her. The style keeps the man dominating the whole sex activity. As a woman, you feel weightless, and at the same time feel fully orgasmic.

Scream-Machine: as a lady, you lie on your back and place your leg on his shoulders. With men consider resting your chest on her thighs. In this position, thrust your penis in and out of her. The style tends to make her moan a lot, hence the name scream machine. This position gives room for deeper penis penetration. It is one of the most satisfying positions and gives a more intense orgasm.

Pretzel Dip: this style will allow you as partners to have a deeper vaginal penetration. As a woman consider lying on your right hand. Your man will straddle your right leg while curling the left one with his left leg. It is considered the best doggy style for couples and enables couples to maintain eye contact.

The face-off: in this style, the man will sit on a chair and the woman sits on his laps while facing him. It also can be done while the man sits at the edge of the bed. It allows the woman to gain control of the entry angle and the depth of the penis penetration. To make it more interesting, keep your hands on your partner’s body.

Sex is one of the most important parts for partners. Consider the above discussed top five sex positions that will guarantee you the best sex experience ever.

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